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Our 2019-2020 DonorsTorrey Pines High School Foundation

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Legacy Club

Chris and Seung Choi

Platinum Club

Matthew and Holly Lewry

Gold Club

Christine Chung and Jerry Dwek
Tim and Catherine Fox
Ed and Doreen Luwa

Silver Club

The MacDonald Family
Hyunwoo Park
Helen Wildgoose
Elise Molin
The Li Family
The Ellingson Family
The Kosakoff Family

Bronze Club

The Cunningham Family
Tito and Maria Fajardo
Mark Horinbein
Xiao Chun Nie
Christian Klas
Paul and Kimberly Klekotka
David and Lisa Michaels
Marybeth Norgren
Kyle and Charlotte Peng
Miguel and Michelle Seda
Misty Morgan Thompson
David and Wendy Wojtkowski
Kevin and Nancy Pegels
George and Tammy Doan
The Tullie Family
Heidi Hayes
Sean Pope
Patty Tobin
Sebastian and Silvana Salvidar
Josh and Jennifer Raysman

365 Cardinal Club

The Biwer Family
Philibbosian Family
Jennifer Silveira
The Taggart Family
Stratton Family
Sertac Aler
The Arnold Family
The Beckers
The Buttery Family
El-Ansary Family
Joseph and Julia Hughes
Paul and Victoria Kudirka
John and Karen Lane
Yan Luo
Arthur and Florence Messenger
Ji Yun Moon
David and Gabrielle Pool
Philip and Leslie Reed
Thut Family
Saban Family
Tamara and Daniel Sipes
Douglas and Christina Small
Sheri and Steven Spector
The Trusso Family
Clay Whiting
Ning Yuan
Kirstin Pisacane
Kimberly Rible
Crissy Simon