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Torrey Pines High SchoolThe Torrey Pines High School Foundation was founded in 1993 as a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization to help bridge the gap between the increasing cost of education and the insufficient funds from the district and State of California. The founding group of parent, community, business and educational leaders saw this gap widening and moved to take positive steps to provide academic, athletic and extracurricular enhancements for the students of Torrey Pines High School. The San Dieguito Unified High School District endorsed the establishment of the Foundation and continues to support the ongoing efforts of the organization. As an entity independent from the school and the district, the Foundation is able to bring new financial and in-kind resources and facilitate community and business partnerships that benefit the school and students.

Initially, the Foundation provided funds for programs and extracurricular enhancements. As the district’s cost of staffing and maintaining our schools increased over the years and State funding for public education decreased, the Foundation has also been called upon to fund capital improvements and equipment.

The Foundation now serves as the umbrella organization to coordinate all parent and community fundraising and volunteer activities on the Torrey Pines campus. The Foundation supports the fundraising and volunteer efforts of over 40 different parent volunteer-led booster member groups: Academic Boosters (10 groups), Athletic Boosters (26 groups), Grad Nite, Principal’s Fund, Technology and Visual and Performing Arts Boosters (5 groups). With these groups, the Foundation provides valuable funds to maintain state of the art technology for staff and students in the classroom, to purchase resource materials and on-line subscriptions for the library media center.

The Foundation is governed by a Board of Directors comprised of parents, the Principal, the ASB President and community leaders who believe in the importance of a strong and vital high school to our community. The day-to-day operations of the Foundation are managed by two full-time and one part-time staff members.

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